“Community is something we do together. It’s not just a container”

sociologist David Brain.

We are reaching out to you to be our “Saathi” meaning a companion.ICCHE which means “wish” is an initiative by a group of Indians living in and around the Rhein-Ruhr region of Germany. We call ourselves “ICCHUK” which means the one who aspires. As founders, we always aspire to motivate and bring together the diverse Indian Culture under one platform amongst the recently growing Indian community in this region. All should be working together with a shared sense of understanding thus providing a place of strong community.

In conclusion, be our “Saathi” and work with us to celebrate culture along with religious integration and festivities. Register today and become a part of the family forever. Together we shall build a niche where we nurture a bond of friendship and trust.


We encourage you to learn more about how to become Saathi and what are the obligations, terms and conditions associated with it.

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